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10 Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a massage therapy that is widely used to treat musculoskeletal issues. Firm pressure and slow strokes are applied during the massage, which reaches the deeper layers of muscle and fascia. It is used to treat strains and sports injuries. It is helpful in treating pain, stiffness, injuries, and fatigue. Moreover, it helps break up scar tissue and break down the knots in the muscles. These knots are the main cause of pain and inflammation in our joints and muscles. The therapist uses fingertips, knuckles, forearms, and elbows to focus on the areas that require treatment. This massage is best for the patients suffering from back and muscle pain or problems, desk workers, sportsmen, and treating incorrect postures.

Deep Tissue Massage offers many benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

1- Treats Muscle Pain: This massage is very beneficial to treat patients suffering from muscle pain. It helps infuse the blood flow in the muscles that reduces pain and stiffness.

2- Increases Flexibility: The massage helps release the knots in the muscles, thereby increasing mobility and flexibility.

3- Reduces Stress: The massage helps raise the levels of the oxytocin hormone and reduce the cortisol levels in the body. The massage helps reduce the stress hormones and increases calmness in the mind and body.

4- Improves Arthritis Symptoms: Deep Tissue Massage is also used to treat symptoms of Arthritis. Pain, stiffness of muscles, and sleeping disorder can be treated through this technique. 5- Heals Injuries: Applying pressure on the injured area can reduce the visibility of forming a scar. By applying pressure the scar tissue break down before being visible on the skin. This massage helps prevent the formation of scars.

6- Helps with Pain During Labour: This is also highly effective for pain during labor for women. The massage relaxes the muscles of the body during the pregnancy, which in turn reduces the pain and anxiety of pregnant women.

7- Lowers Blood Pressure: Deep tissue massage has also been proven to lower the blood pressure of the body. Normal blood pressure is also useful for internal organs.

8- Improves Posture: A lesser-known benefit of this massage is that it improves the posture of the body.

9- Enhances Sports Activities: Deep tissue massage enhances the performance and activities of athletes. It improves blood flow and reduces muscle soreness, which helps athletes in doing better in their activities and performances.

10- Helps with Fibromyalgia: Studies have found that patients with fibromyalgia may find

relief with massage therapy.

Deep tissue massage benefits everyone from athletes to office workers. You can get many health benefits from this massage technique to relax your body, mind, and healing injuries. Experience this now at Toronto massage.

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